McCully, Emily Arnold (Author, Illustrator)

The sky is bright. The morning is green. What a glorious day for a picnic! So it is that a large and jubilant mouse family pile into their old red truck and go bouncing down a shady country road to the lake. Out comes the big picnic hamper. Out comes the bat and ball and Grandpa's banjo. Out leap nine little mouse children, running through the field flowers to water's edge. But wait a minute! Are there really nine? Somebody seems to be missing. And nobody will be happy until she is found. Emily Arnold McCully's lush summer-drenched watercolors tell a story that needs no words, filling the pages with the giddy joys of a large family picnic and the pluckiness of one small mouse who left it behind.


A little mouse gets lost on the way to a family picnic.

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JP McCully
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