Walking With the Dead

Walking With the Dead
Falcone, L. M.

In this frightfully funny novel by L. M. Falcone, Alex's father brings home an ancient Greek corpse as an exhibit for Oddities, the weird museum in their basement. After Alex peeks in the coffin, he starts having crazy dreams, gets struck by lightning and falls through a door into the night sky. Then things take a turn for the seriously weird when, after more than 2000 years, the corpse wakes up! This lively cadaver needs help, so big-hearted Alex and his sidekick, Freddie, find themselves on a mission to the world of the dead. They dodge monsters, three-headed dogs, gorgons with snakes for hair - and much worse - all in an attempt to help a lost soul in serious trouble. How in Hades will the boys ever get home again?


Alex is surprised when the mummy his father brings home comes to life and asks for his help.

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YP F Falcone


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