Pinky and Rex

Pinky and Rex
Howe, James; Sweet, Melissa (Illustrator)

From the earliest stages of sounding out words to the excitement of reading a whole book without help, Ready-to-Read books open up a world of possibilities to children at three different levels: LEVEL 1: STARTING TO READ LEVEL 2: READING TOGETHER LEVEL 3: READING ALONE Pinky has twenty-seven stuffed animals, and Rex has twenty-seven dinosaurs. They have everything the same, and that's the way it should be with best friends. So what do they do when there's only one pink dinosaur in the museum gift shop, and they both want it? Could Pinky's pesky little sister Amanda have the answer?


Best friends Pinky, who adores the color pink, and Rex, who loves dinosaurs, visit the museum.

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JF Howe


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