Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade

Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade
Gantos, Jack

From the Newbery Medal - winning author of Dead End in Norvelt , eight more hysterical semi-autobiographical Jack Henry stories about a sixth grader's trials and tribulations Jack's life is a crazy roller-coaster ride. At his fifth school in six years, he has a crackpot teacher who won't give him a break about his lousy handwriting and a secret crush who wants to be a policewoman. At home, he has a pesky little brother with a knack for getting hurt whenever Jack's supposed to be looking after him, a terror for an older sister, all sorts of weird neighbors, and, last but not least, ferocious alligators in the canal behind his house. Writing in his diary about his good days and bad days is one way Jack survives his up-and-down year. But he's also a kid who knows that life can go any which way at any given moment. He might as well flip a coin: heads he wins, tails he loses. What will turn up next?


Jack's diary helps him deal with his problems, including dog-eating alligators, a terrifying older sister, and an accident-prone brother.

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JF Gantos

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