Hogula, Dread Pig of Night

Hogula, Dread Pig of Night
Gralley, Jean (Author, Illustrator)

Look out! Hogula is a vampire pig on the loose. Every night he roams the city, snorting the necks of people who are up past their bedtimes and putting them into a deep piggie snooze. Life is high-on-the-hog for this porcine fiend. And yet, something is missing: Hogula is lonely. One stormy night, Hogula hears a knock on his door. A mysterious girl named Elvis Ann has tracked him down, and Hogula can't wait to snort her into a deep piggie snooze. But Elvis Ann is no ordinary mortal...Hogula soon discovers that he's met his match--and perhaps even found a new friend. This clever spoof is ideal for Halloween or any time of year.


Hogula, a lonely vampire pig, goes out on a Halloween night in search of company.

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JP Gralley
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