Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear

Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear
Shipton, Paul; Smith, Elwood H. (Illustrator)

The name's Muldoon-Bug Muldoon. I'm a sleuth-a private investigator, if you want the full title. I'm the best sleuth in the whole Garden, not to mention the cheapest. Fact is, I'm just about the only sleuth for hire in the Garden. The only one still alive, that is.... Bug's on a case. It's not your everyday case. There's danger behind every blade of grass. If Bug doesn't come through, life in the Garden is going to change forever. And not in a good way.


Bug Muldoon, beetle private investigator, is working on a case. Something strange is going on in the garden.

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JF Shipton
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