Autobiography of Meatball Finkelstein

Autobiography of Meatball Finkelstein
Venokur, Ross

Watch out, Superman-here comes Meatball Finkelstein and his most unusual superpower! Meatball Finkelstein was born big. He's always been and always will be a big guy, and he's cool with that. But he seems to have more than his share of problems: his large size coupled with his parents' unfortunate choice of name-yes, it says Meatball on his birth certificate!-make him the prime candidate for the attention of Rufus Delaney, the most horrible bully at school. Meatball's pretty used to the way his life works, and he usually goes along-it's easier than fighting back. But one Monday morning, events conspire to make Meatball really mad and he discovers that he's not just an ordinary kid-he's an ordinary kid with a superpower! And wouldn't you know it, he stumbles onto an evil plot that requires his very special power to save the day. But can one boy really protect all the students of the world from a dastardly group of school principals?


Thirteen-year-old Meatball, an overweight vegetarian, finds a way to fight his principal's diabolical plot to eliminate fun from the planet.

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JF Venokur

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