The Mud Family

The Mud Family
James, Betsy; Morin, Paul (Illustrator)

For the Anasazi, life depends on precious rainfall. But after weeks without rain, the land is drying up and the corn is dying. Soon Sosi's family will have to find a new place to live. Her mother and father are cross and tired as they pack; no one has time for Sosi. So she runs away, down to the bank of the small pool, and makes a family of mud dolls that dry in the hot sun. Here there is no crying or arguing. The mud father tells his mud daughter, "You are my lark, my lizard. I will weave robes for you and never scold." Sosi makes the mud girl dance for rain. And the rain does come, bringing Sosi back to the family that needs her most of all.


Sosi asks her mud family for help during a drought in this story about the ancient Anasazi.

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JP James

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