The Klondike Cat

The Klondike Cat
Lawson, Julie; Mombourquette, Paul (Illustrator)

Noah and his pa prepare to join the thousands of gold seekers heading for the Klondike. Pa insists the journey will be too long and too hard for a cat, but Noah just can't leave his pet, Shadow, behind. When Pa discovers the stowaway, Noah promises that Shadow will earn her keep. Will the cat be the burden Pa supposes, or will she prove to be worth her weight in gold? Filled with exciting real-life history and adventure, The Klondike Cat gives readers a unique glimpse into a time when hopes were high, dreams were big and golden opportunities came in all shapes and sizes. A historical note at the end of the story provides further information about this dramatic chapter of North American history.


When he and Pa move to the Klondike, Noah smuggles along his cat, whose mice-catching skills come in handy.

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JP Lawson

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