A Tale of Gold

A Tale of Gold
Wyss, Thelma Hatch

GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! scream the headlines in July 1897, announcing thediscovery of gold in the Yukon. Fourteen-year-old James Erickson, alonein the world after his father's death, is mesmerized when he sees thefirst ship of prospectors enter the San Francisco harbor. Caught up inthe gold fever, he books passage on a steamer up to Alaska.In Alaska, James meets Tip, a skinny boy who turns out to be a girl -- andthe only person James trusts to be his partner. Together they embark on atreacherous trek over the mountains and down the river, battling rapids,con men, and the cold. When their survival skills -- and their dedicationto each other -- are tested, James and Tip wonder whether their exhaustingjourney will be worth it. Is their fortune waiting just beyond the nextbend? And what are they willing to risk to find out?Fast-paced and vividly imagined, this is the gripping story of a youngman who follows his dreams. Thelma Hatch Wyss richly re-creates the harshexperience of life on the Gold Rush Trail, weaving a tale of adventure,peril, and ultimately, belonging.


James is only 14, but when his father dies, he sets out to join the rush for gold.

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