All Is Well

All Is Well
Embry-Litchman, Kristin

Emmy's family are Mormons living on a farm in Salt Lake City in 1885. When a non-Mormon, or "Gentile" family moves next door, Emmy's curious--she's never known a Gentile--and eager to make friends with Miranda, a girl her age. Meanwhile, her beloved Pa must go into hiding to escape being arrested by Federal deputies because he has two wives, Emmy's Mama and her "sister wife." Emmy misses Pa, and she's afraid of the men who come searching for him. But she and Miranda become close, and Emmy tries to live up to Pa's parting request that she "be a good friend." When Miranda falls seriously ill, Emmy goes in search of Pa, to ask him for a blessing to save Miranda.


Emmy makes friends with a girl both different from and similar to herself, in this story set in Utah, 1885.

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JF Litchman
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