Night Raiders Along the Cape

Night Raiders Along the Cape
Waters, John; Williams Jr., Donald (Illustrator)

An exciting series of Historical Fiction starring great events in America's past and spunky young protagonists who help solve mysteries in their times. Silver Moon Press has discovered that the way to the hearts and minds of young readers is through their love of mystery and suspense. Each book is reviewed for accuracy by a historical expert. As the Revolutionary battles move south, British ships roam the New England coast raiding American towns and farms for supplies. When a raid is disrupted by the Woods Hole Militia, the British vow to seek revenge. Young Asa Slocumb, son of a Tory, uncovers the British plan of attack and must overcome his fears and deceive his parents in order to save his Patriot friends along the Cape.


Asa must row through the night to warn his friends on the Massachusetts coast of an impending British attack.

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JF Waters


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