The Half-a-Moon Inn

The Half-a-Moon Inn
Fleischman, Paul; Jacobi, Kathryn (Illustrator)

Aaron has never left alone before. He is mute, and depends on his mother for everything. But tomorrow Aaron will be twelve years old, old enough to stay home by himself while his mother goes to town. Everything will be fine, as long as he stays close to the house. And if theres trouble, Aaron can write what he needs to say. Trouble there is aplenty. When a terrible blizzard keeps his mother from returning home, Aaron sets out to search for her--but he stumbles upon the mysterious Half-a-Moon Inn, where the crafty Miss Grackle forces him to work for her. How can Aaron stop her from carrying out her devilish schemes--before its too late?


Adventure and danger await Aaron, a boy who cannot talk, when his mother disappears and he goes to seek her.

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JF Fleischman
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