Strudel Stories

Strudel Stories
Rocklin, Joanne

A lively and evocative novel full of sweet, sad, and funny moments in the history of a Jewish family. Imagine a cozy kitchen in another time and place. A family is baking apple strudel together, and while they work, they tell each other stories of the past--the cherished stories of their family history. There is the boy who danced with ghosts, the greatest baseball moment ever, and the almost-a-disaster day. There are stories of braving war, of daring the difficulties of immigration, and of enjoying the simple pleasures of friendship and sports--stories of joy and sadness, mistakes and triumphs, courage and love. This warm and intimate novel is an inspiring portrait of a truly memorable family.


While this Jewish family bakes their favorite apple strudel, they tell wonderful stories about their ancestors.

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JF Rocklin
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