Green Mango Magic

Green Mango Magic
Hossack, Sylvie A.

Maile had been lonely before Brooke arrived -- and angry too, although she kept her hurt feelings to herself. Not long after her mother was killed in a tsunami, a giant tidal wave that swept the Hawaiian island, her papa moved to the mainland, her brother joined the army, and Maile was left with only her grandmother, Tutu Lady, Poi Dog, her friend Charlie, and Ratman, who likes to collect and measure field rats. At last, she has a friend her own age -- Brooke, who understands Maile's problems, because she has some of her own. Brooke is funny and spunky, and doesn't even make a big deal about being treated for cancer and losing all her hair. Maile is happy for the first time since her mother died and her father left her.. until she starts worrying that Brooke will get sick again and she'll lose her new friend too. Maile has heard of magical Hawaiian cures and she hopes to keep Brooke healthy with a diet of poi and a visit to a kahuna, a healer who lives in the mountains. Through her desire tocure Brooke, Maile discovers the real island magic of Ho'oponopono, "how to make things right again." And to her surprise, Maile's concern for Brooke leads her to the secret of turning her own life around. "Green Mango Magic offers readers not only a delightful story of the magic of the islands, but also an insightful depiction of native culture and a young girl searching for the meaning of family and friendship.


Malie must live with her grandmother after her mother is killed by a tidal wave.

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JF Hossack

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