I Kissed the Baby!

I Kissed the Baby!
Murphy, Mary

Finally -- the perfect first book for baby is available in board! "I saw the baby! Did you see the baby?" "Yes! I saw the baby, the teeny weeny thing." It's so exciting! News of the baby is buzzing from animal to animal, with each one -- fish, bird, squirrel, insect, frog -- boasting of seeing, feeding, singing to, tickling, and kissing the tiny little thing. With bold, graphic black-and-white illustrations, Mary Murphy's simple, singsong story captures the giddy commotion that only a baby can bring. "An animal cast so elated that they seem on the verge of jumping into readers' laps. . . . The high-contrast pictures and exclamatory text are guaranteed eye and ear magnets for the littlest ones." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)


All the animals make a fuss over the brand new duckling.

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JP Murphy

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