The Well Between the Worlds

The Well Between the Worlds
Llewellyn, Sam

Critically acclaimed author Sam Llewellyn brings to life the vivid and epic legend of a land of magic and monsters, and one boy who may rule it all. Lyonesse is the land of legends and magic. It's the forgetten land where King Arthur once resided with Merlin and his Knights of the Round Table. But thousands of years after the great king walked this country, it has become a place of shadows, where men hunt and capture the monsters that lurk below in the dark depths of the sea. Lyonesse is slowly sinking, and it is up to one boy, Idris, to save his people and his land. Can he stand up to the forces of evil that aim to stop him?


Idris Limpet's life is forever changed the day he falls into the sea and does not drown.

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JF Llewellyn
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