Outside and Inside Mummies

Outside and Inside Mummies
Markle, Sandra

Have you ever wished that you could unwrap a mummy? Imagine examining the skin, bones, even muscles and organs of a person who lived thousands of years ago! Cutting-edge technology is revealing more than ever before about these amazing relics from human history. Modern crime lab technology can reveal whether a mummy was killed or died of natural causes. X-rays can help us discover a mummy's age and identity, and DNA samples are even helping scientists find today's living relatives of Incan mummies. In the most fascinating topic she's unraveled in her Outside and Inside series, Sandra Markle reunites us with our ancient ancestors through fascinating text and jaw-dropping photographs.


Reveals how today's cutting-edge technology--such as x-rays, DNA testing, and forensics--is helping to teach scientists more than ever about mummies from across the world.

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