Tales From the Waterhole

Tales From the Waterhole
Graham, Bob (Author, Illustrator)

The extraordinarily gifted illustrator and storyteller Bob Graham turns his distinctive attention to the animals of the African plains. Morris the crocodile and his best friend, Billy, a tortoise, like nothing better than messing around down at the waterhole. After all, that's where their friends gather: zebras, hippos, giraffes, elephants, warthogs, and all the rest. In five amusing stories, Morris and company do just what kids do during a long, hot summer- perform ill-timed stunts on the diving board, get soundly beaten by a team of moms in a soccer match, or see their wildebeest friends off on vacation (also known as their annual migration). By turns wry and laugh-out-loud funny, Bob Graham's whimsical waterhole gang pays tribute to the merriment and mishaps of young friendships everywhere.


During the dry season, Morris the crocodile and his animal friends enjoy playing in and near the water hole.

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JF Graham

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