Stanley, Flat Again!

Stanley, Flat Again!
Brown, Jeff; Nash, Scott (Illustrator); Pamintuan, Macky (Illustrator)

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes Any Doctor will agree that people are not flat. They are born round and stay that way their whole lives. But not Stanley Lambchop! He has been flat once before, after a bulletin board fell on him. When his brother made him round again by blowing him up with a hose, Stanley thought he was through with flatness forever. And then one ordinary morning, Stanley suddenly goes flat again, and this time, the hose won't work. Not even Dr. Dan's explanation can really help Stanley understand why so many unusual things keep happening to him. Still, there are things that a flat boy can do that a round person can't. And maybe this time, all it will take is one amazing event for everything to finally make sense.


It has been nearly forty years since a bulletin board first fell on Stanley Lambchop, an ordinary boy, and transformed him into a flat hero. Finally, here is the long-awaited sequel.

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JF Brown
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