Cinema Saturdays: The Country Bears (G), Ogden Valley Branch

Beary Barrington is finding life with his very human family a bit too tough. When he runs away to join his favorite singing group, the Country Bears, he discovers that the venue that made the group famous is under foreclosure. It's up to Beary to reunite the Country Bears, save the venue, and learn a little something about family, before its too late!

See the bear-tastic fun here!

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Cinema Saturdays: Brother Bear (G), Ogden Valley Branch

Kenai, a brave, but impulsive, young man, finds himself transformed into a bear. Desperate to find a way to change back, Kenai journeys in search of the Northern Lights. Joined by baby bear Koda and a couple of crazy moose, Kenai reaches the end of his journey, only to discover what has been looking for is right in front of him.

Join the journey here!

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Movie Madness in the Valley, Shine (PG 13), Ogden Valley Branch

Follow the astonishing, and at times heart-breaking, true life story of pianist David Helfgott. A musical genius from an early age, David's life should be perfect. However, the memories of a less-than-stellar childhood and an unshakable case of schizophrenia threaten to derail everything he has worked so hard for.

Live the story here!

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