Virtual Unreality

Virtual Unreality
Seife, Charles

The bestselling author of Proofiness and Zero explains how to separate fact from fantasy in the digital world nbsp; Digital information is a powerful tool that spreads unbelievably rapidly, infects all corners of society, and is all but impossible to control#151;even when that information is actually a lie. In Virtual Unreality , Charles Seife uses the skepticism, wit, and sharp facility for analysis that captivated readers in Proofiness and Zero to take us deep into the Internet information jungle and cut a path through the trickery, fakery, and cyber skullduggery that the online world enables. nbsp; Taking on everything from breaking news coverage and online dating to program trading and that eccentric and unreliable source that is Wikipedia, Seife arms his readers with actual tools#151;or weapons#151;for discerning truth from fiction online.

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