Spiritual Adventures in the Snow : Skiing & Snowboarding as Renewal for Your Soul

McFee, Marcia; Foster, Karen; Arthur, Paul (Foreword by)

For the millions of people who head for the mountains for fun, escape, and community, Spiritual Adventures in the Snow enhances the experience by focusing on the renewal of spirit that comes with tuning in to the rhythms of gliding across trails or down the mountain. The authors articulate and affirm what adventurers in the snow already sense about alpine life¿that there is something sacred about these outdoor cathedrals of winter. Out of their passion for snow sports, and their belief that spirituality is fed by play and challenge, attentiveness and the wonder of nature, they explore snow sports as tangible experiences of the spiritual essence of our bodies and the earth. With humor and grace, they seek out the life lessons to be learned from adventures in the snow and offer new ways of seeing life¿s ups and downs as part of a sacred rhythm. Each chapter also features a ¿Conversation with an Adventurer,¿ highlighting interviews with professionals, such as former Olympians, a backcountry skier, and a spiritual skiing guide, that capture their extraordinary experiences and inspirational stories. Appendices include ¿A Week of Meditations for Spiritual Adventures in the Snow,¿ as well as ideas for planning a soul-filling spiritual adventure in the snow for families, youth and young-adult groups, ski clubs, and vacationers.

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