Rabble Rousers: 20 Women Who Made a Difference

Rabble Rousers: 20 Women Who Made a Difference
Harness, Cheryl (Author, Illustrator)

Just in time for Women's History Month, here are short, spirited profiles of twenty women who impacted life in America by speaking out against injustice and fighting for social improvements. The folksy, friendly narrative introduces such fascinating figures as Sojourner Truth, abolitionist preacher; Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, a Civil War physician; Margaret Sanger, birth control pioneer; and Doris Haddock, a ninety-two-year-old champion of campaign-finance reform. The book spans over two hundred years of American history and includes time lines for such important social movements as abolition, woman suffrage, labor, and civil rights. Readers inspired by these fiery women can use the civil action tips and resources in the back of the book to do some of their own rabble-rousing.

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J920.72 H2895r 2003

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