The Odyssey: Retold by Robin Lister

The Odyssey: Retold by Robin Lister
Baker, Alan; Lister, Robin

Kingfisher Epics are action-packed retellings of classic tales and legends, with all the exhilaration and immediacy of their original versions. Magnificent black-and-white illustrations bring the heroic deeds depicted in these stories dramatically to life. These stories have enthralled readers for centuries, and Kingfisher Epics make them accessible to a new generation of children.The Trojan War is over, and battle-weary hero Odysseus sets sail for home. On his way, he faces many dangers sent by the gods to test him. Can he outwit a one-eyed giant, a sly sorceress, and terrifying monsters? This fast-paced retelling will captivate readers discovering Homer's epic for the first time.


A retelling of Homer's epic that describes the wanderings of Odysseus after the fall of Troy.

Target audience: 
Weber Reads
Call Number: 
J398.20938 L7736o 2004

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