Night of the Twisters

Night of the Twisters
Ruckman, Ivy

Tornado Alert! Tornado Alert! Tornado alert! Tornado alert! just seconds after the announcement, the radio is dead, the lights go out, and the only sound in the unnaturally quiet night is the horrifying wail of the warning siren. Dans been through a dozen tornado watches before, but this is the real thing -- a twister is about to hit. Alone in the house, be, his best friend, and his infant brother take shelter in the basement. Huddled in the shower, covered by a blanket, they listen to the sounds of the howling, shrieking tornado. The world seems about to come to an end On top of them. This harrowing story of a day like any other turned -- almost without warning -- into a nightmare abounds with courage, love, and hope. Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children 1984 (NSTA/CBC) 1988 Maud Hart Lovelace Award (Minnesota) 1987 Prairie Pasque Award (South Dakota) 1987 Sequoyah Children's Book Award (Oklahoma)


A tornado hits while Dan and his friend are alone with Dan's baby brother.

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JF Ruckman
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