The Mysteries of Beethoven's Hair

The Mysteries of Beethoven's Hair
Martin, Russell; Nibley, Lydia

At the time of Ludwig van Beethoven's death, it was a common practice to take a lock of hair from the deceased as a remembrance, a sacred remnant of the person who meant so much when alive. One such lock of Beethoven's hair survived through the years and eventually became the joint property of two men who, in 1995, opened the sealed frame that encased the hair and began the process of unlocking the mysteries of Beethoven's life, death, and possibly his genius. Follow the trail of Beethoven's hair as it was passed on from the boy who cut it to his son and down through the years, as it was safeguarded from Nazi Germany and eventually sold at auction in 1994. Through careful forensic testing, the hairs in the lock revealed the causes of Beethoven's deafness and his many illnesses. This fascinating story is not only a study of the secrets that forensics can reveal, but a moving history of many people's devotion to Beethoven's music.


A lock of Ludwig van Beethoven's hair was cut off his head on his deathbed in 1827. It ended up in Nazi-occupied Denmark in 1943. In 1994, it was sold at auction to two men who studied the hair for forensic evidence of Beethoven's deafness and cause of death.

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