Mexican, Central and South American Art

Mexican, Central and South American Art
Scott, John F.

Presenting a broad range of human artistic expression, the International Encyclopedia of Art set examines the art of cultures across the world, from prehistoric times to the present day. This global coverage features many cultural traditions, from folk and indigenous arts to the fine art of the West. Fully illustrated with many color and black-and-white spreads, the books include not only formal art reproductions, but reproductions of manuscripts, sketchbooks, and other material, offering a fresh, firsthand account of events. Each fascinating volume focuses on a specific geographic area in a flexible, chronological framework. Key artistic developments are highlighted, and art and artists are examined within their wider historical and cultural contexts. This volume covers everything from the nomadic hunting cultures of Paleoindian and Archaic peoples from about 20,000 B.C. to the twentieth-century muralists. Coverage includes: -- The development of post-Conquest Spanish and Portuguese societies -- How the wars of independence in Spain and Portugal created new states and movements in art -- The impact of the Mexican Revolution on mural art -- The rise of Latin America's interpretation of abstract and surrealist art.

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