Mexican Art Masterpieces

Mexican Art Masterpieces
Burke, Marcus B.

Mexico's art history has been evolving for more than two thousand years and modern Mexican art embodies elements and characteristics of centuries of indigenous art. Imbued with traces of ancient mysticism and combining both pagan and Christian beliefs, Mexican art is both visual and narrative in nature -- as colourful and complex as the Mexican people themselves. Mexican Art Masterpieces showcases 48 of the most unique and fascinating pieces of Mexican art -- ancient ceramic statues and mosaic masks from the Mayans and Aztecs, tomb facades and interior temple reliefs, feather pictures, monstrances, classically inspired painting by artists of the viceregal period including Baltasar de Echeve Orio and Juan Rodriguez Juárez, nineteenth century masterpieces by Obregón and Velasco, and twentieth century favourites including works by Mexican muralist Rivera, Orozco, Kahlo and others -- each accompanied by an original essay revealing the complicated connections between Mexican politics, society and art.

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