Meet Kit: An American Girl

Meet Kit: An American Girl
Tripp, Valerie; Rane, Walter (Illustrator); McAliley, Susan (Illustrator)

Rebecca Rubin is a lively nine-year-old girl growing up in a big Jewish family in New York in 1914. She dreams of becoming an actress, but her parents and grandparents have traditional ideas and don't think young ladies should perform. When Rebecca learns that her cousins in Russia are in great danger and must escape to America, she puts on a show to raise money--until her disapproving grandmother steps in. Unexpectedly, Rebecca finds another way to earn money. But for her plan to work, she'll have to keep it a secret. Includes an illustrated "Looking Back" essay about Jewish immigration and culture.


When her father's business closes because of the Depression, nine-year-old Kit responds with resourcefulness.

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JF Tripp


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