Little Wolf's Book of Badness

Little Wolf's Book of Badness
Whybrow, Ian; Ross, Tony (Illustrator)

Little Wolf has been cleaning his teeth without being growled at, going to bed early, and he's been far too nice to his baby brother. His parents, concerned they will never make a beast of him, send him off to Cunning College, where his Uncle Bigbad instructs timid cubs in the rules of badness. The journey alone makes Little's fur stand up, and he's worried -- will he ever learn to be wild and wicked? Will he earn his Bad badge? Or will his uncle eat him for dinner? Little Wolf's Book of Badness has been translated into eight languages and has delighted fun-loving readers across the globe.


"Goodie-4-paws" Little Wolf is sent to Uncle Bigbad's Cunning College For Brute Beasts to learn the Nine Rules of Badness.

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JF Whybrow

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