Latina Guide to Health : Consejos and Caring Answers

Latina Guide to Health : Consejos and Caring Answers
Delgado, Jane L.

Written by Dr. Jane L. Delgado, the nation's leading expert on Hispanic health, The Latina Guide to Health features cutting-edge medical information and advice for all Hispanic women. With a deep understanding of what it means to be a Latina in the U.S. today, Dr. Delgado offers practical advice on the health issues women face, separates myths from facts, and answers questions about what to do. She thoroughly discusses concerns for Latinas, including higher rates of arthritis, cervical cancer, depression, and diabetes, and the greater likelihood of being overweight. She also points to the good news: Latinas have lower rates of heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer, and live longer. The Latina Guide to Health provides advice on: Understanding the medical system Preparing for an annual wellness visit Developing healthy eating habits and an exercise program Keeping good health records Caring for children and other loved ones Nurturing your spirit through healthy relationships and faith Authoritative and accessible, this invaluable guide includes an extensive quick-reference health section, five essential tools to help Latinas keep track of their health, and sidebars, charts, and website resources throughout.

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