Freestyle Snowboarding : Tricks, Skills and Techniques

Rottmann, Alexander; Pederzolli, Nici

Freestyle tricks for the more than 5 million American snowboarders who hit the slopes every season. Freestyle Snowboarding is the avid boarder's guide to the skills and stunts that earned medals for Olympic superstars Shaun White and Hannah Teter. Each technique or trick is shown in a "slow-motion" sequence of terrific step-by-step photos. Better than a brief 1-2-3 sequence, this visual presentation clearly shows the subtle changes in form that can turn a poorly executed maneuver into a precise move that ends with a perfect square landing. The book begins with a review of the basic skills, which is followed by more than 60 tricks in four sections: Flat-tricks Halfpipe Straight jump Rails and boxes Nine champion boarders demonstrate the tricks and techniques in sequential photographs, and the authors give tips on the takeoff, airtime and landing, as well as variations and how to fix common mistakes. Freestyle Snowboarding is simply the best instruction book on snowboarding tricks.

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