Explore Winter!: 25 Great Ways to Learn About Winter

Explore Winter!: 25 Great Ways to Learn About Winter
Anderson, Maxine

Youngnbsp;readersnbsp;become scientists in the field when thisnbsp;activity book sends them off to answer the question Why do we have winter? with experiments andnbsp;projects thatnbsp;mix real science with real fun.nbsp;Combining hands-onnbsp;learning with trivia, jokes, riddles, and terrific illustrations, chaptersnbsp;start withnbsp;the "tools" of science#151;the scientific method andnbsp;how to keep a science journal#151;and then investigate the winter constellations, long nights and long shadows, animal tracking in snow, and food-gathering behavior in birds. Several activities center on water and ice, including "The Freezing Point of Water," "Making Ice Cream," and "The Amazing Snowflake Crystal," while indoor projects include the study of static electricity andnbsp;a recipe for simple yeast bread.

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J508.2 A5484e 2007
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