Electric Ben

Electric Ben
Byrd, Robert

Electric Ben is now a 2013 Boston Globe-Horn Book Nonfiction Book Award Winner, a Kirkus Reviews Best Childrens Book, a Horn Fanfare Book, and a Robert F. Sibert Honor book! "a true standout...bright, witty, informative and cleverly organized as the man himself." - The New York Times A true Renaissance man, Benjamin Franklin was the first American celebrity. In pictures and text, master artist Robert Byrd documents Franklin's numerous and diverse accomplishments, from framing the Constitution to creating bifocals. The witty, wise, and endlessly curious Franklin is the perfect subject for Byrd's lively style and vibrant art. The pages pulse with facts, quotes, and captions, while the inventive design and intricately detailed illustrations make a striking tribute to the brilliant American.

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J92 Franklin 2012
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