Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die:  A Blackbird Sisters Mystery
Martin, Nancy

You could say my sisters and I are hot-blooded bluebloods with a flair for fashion--and for solving crimes. But things have NOT been going well for us Blackbirds: Emma has busted out of a very exclusive clinic. Libby's hormones are in overdrive from selling paraphernalia for Potions and Passions, a company that promises its customers full satisfaction. And I'm still dating mobster's son Mick Abruzzo, which keeps me in a permanent tizzy. At least, nobody in my vicinity has been knocked off lately. Oops--looks like I spoke too soon... A TEMPEST IN A C-CUP Nora's next journalistic assignment: the unveiling of the most miraculous bra in fashion history. But before Nora can hand in her uplifting story, her boss is found shot execution-style and trussed up in expensive panty hose--an Abruzzo family trademark. Now Nora must find the killer before her innocent lover takes the rap. That means shadowing the most glamorous suspects in Philadelphia--including a bad-boy designer, a former child star, a high-strung ad exec, and a pair of luscious twin models. Though Nora's accustomed to upper-crust murder, cross your fingers for the Blackbird sisters, because this time, high society has never seemed so low-down dirty.


The owner of a new bra factory is murdered and the fashionable Blackbird sisters are hot on the killer's trail.  

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