Brando's Smile : His Life, Thought, and Work

Brando's Smile : His Life, Thought, and Work
Mizruchi, Susan L.

When people think about Marlon Brando they think ofthe movie star; the hunk; the scandals. Susan L. Mizruchifinds the Brando others have missed: the man who collectedfour thousand books; the man who rewrote scripts,trimming his lines to make them sharper; the man who consciouslyused his body and employed the objects around himto create believable characters; the man who used his fameto foster Indian and civil rights. From Brando's letters, audiotapes,and annotated screenplays and books--many neverbefore available--Mizruchi gives us a complex person whoseintelligence belies the high-school dropout. She shows howBrando's embrace of foreign cultures and outsiders led to brilliantperformances in unusual roles--a gay man, an Asian,and a German soldier--to foster empathy on a global scaleand to test himself. In portraying a fuller Brando, Mizruchiportrays an even more fascinating man.

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